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Oil Transformer

Oil Transformer


Single-phase pole-mounted oil-immersed power transformer

2023-10-09 11:18:55


Western developed countries, Southeast Asia, and South America use a large number of single-phase transformers as distribution transformers. In distribution networks with decentralized power supply, single-phase transformers have great advantages as distribution transformers. It can reduce the length of low-voltage distribution lines, reduce line losses, and improve power supply quality. It adopts a high-efficiency and energy-saving rolled iron core structure design. The transformer is characterized by column-mounted suspension installation, small size, low infrastructure investment, and low voltage reduction. The power supply radius can reduce low-voltage line losses by more than 60%. The transformer adopts a fully sealed structure, with strong overload capacity, high continuous operation reliability, simple maintenance and long service life.

It is suitable for rural power grids, remote areas, scattered villages, agricultural production, lighting and power consumption. It can also be used for railways and urban power grids for energy-saving transformation of pole-mounted distribution lines.

Model Meaning

Product Standards

GB1094.1-2-2013 GB16451-2015

Rated high voltage: 10 (10.5, 11, 6, 6.3, 6.6) kV

Rated low voltage: 0.22(0.23, 0.24)kV

Tap range: non-excitation voltage regulation (±5%, ±2x2.5%)

Connection group: lio or II6

Insulation level: LI75AC35/AC5

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3D single-phase oil-immersed distribution transformer

2023-10-09 10:01:39

D11 series high efcincy. low Hoss single phase transtormer is suitable for agricultural production, lighting & power consumption in rural power grid and remote mountainous areas It can aiso be used for urban power grid transformation, will have good energy saving effect The transformer can be installed directly on the platform, or nstalld on the wire pole. Single phase oil immersed distribution transformer produced by our company has passed typetest by the national quality supervision and inspection center of transformer. The combination of low voltage of the transtormer is 2 " 023kV, the principle and the use of the transformer are difterent from the ordinary single phase two wire system transtformer. I's low voltage current is only half comparing rated current of ordinarysingle- phase transtormer(a1-a2 voltage is 2 times of the 230V, therefore, the current only hal) the biggest advantage is line loss is only 1/4 (P=I2R)comparing the use of the former with the ltter one, which is the main reason for ordinary foreign users of the single phase transtormer.

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