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    XGN15-12  unit type metal enclosed ring network switchgear is based on FLN□-12 type SF. The load switch is used as the main switch and the entire cabinet adopts air-insulated, compact and expandable metal closed ring network switchgear suitable for distribution automation. It has the characteristics of simple structure, flexible operation, reliable interlocking and convenient installation. We can provide satisfactory technical solutions for various applications and user requirements.
    The main switch of the XGN15-12 unit metal enclosed ring network switchgear uses the FLN36-12 and FLN48-12 SF produced by our company. Load switch, or SFG type SF produced by ABB. The load switch can also be equipped with VS1 type, VD4/S type, ISM type vacuum circuit breaker or HD4/S type SF6 circuit breaker according to the user's needs. The load switch and circuit breaker can be operated manually or electrically. The power distribution automation function can be realized after optional electric operating mechanism, PT, CT, FTU and communication device.

    The main technical parameters

    Project Unit Load switch cabinet Combined electrical cabinet Circuit breaker cabinet
    Rated voltage Kv 12 12 12
    Rated frequency Hz 50/60 50/60 50/60
    Rated current A      
    Main bus A 630 630 630
    Branch bus A 630 125 (depending on the rated current of the fuse) 630
    Rated insulation level kv      
    Power frequency withstand voltage (phase to phase and phase to ground) kv 42 42 42
    Power frequency withstand voltage (between fractures) kV 48 48 48
    Power frequency withstand voltage (control and auxiliary circuit) kV 2 2 2
    Lightning impulse withstand voltage (phase to phase and phase to ground) kv 75 75 75
    Lightning impulse withstand voltage (between fractures) kv 85 85 85
    Rated short-time withstand current (ms) kA      
    Main circuit kA 20/3s   25/2s
    Ground loop kA 20/25   25/2s
    Rated peak withstand current (peak) kA 50   63
    Rated short circuit making current (peak) kA 5o 8o 63
    Rated short circuit breaking current kA . 31.5 25
    Rated transfer current A   1750 .
    Rated active load breaking current A 630 . .
    Rated closed loop breaking current A 630   630
    Rated cable charging breaking current A 10   15
    Protection level   IP3X P3X p3X
    Mechanical life Second-rate      
    Load switch   so00 so00 10000
    Grounding switch   2000 2000 2000