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DRXBW-12 outdoor high voltage switch (SF6 switch)


    Adopt three-station Sf. Load switch assembly, clever separation of left and right incoming and outgoing lines, minimal structural design, strongest cable configuration function, up to 8 incoming and outgoing lines. This branch box not only retains the advantages of the fiber distribution box, but also has some of the concerns of the ring main unit. It is an ideal equipment for urban network transformation. Small size, maintenance-free, good technical economy, high reliability, simple installation and convenient use.
    With SF. The characteristics of the electric branch box of the load switch are: there are three compartments in the compartment, one of which is sealed. The sealed compartment is filled with slightly pressurized sulfur hexafluoride gas, and there are more than one group of load switches in it. The operating mechanism of the load switch is located in the operating drive compartment. There are electric pile lines and electric terminals in the electric wire compartment, and the electric terminals are connected to the load switch. The load switch in the sealed load switch compartment is a turntable dynamic and static contact load switch. The rotating shaft of each load switch has three layers on the symmetrical fan-shaped plane around the axis. The cables in the cable compartment are in a group of three phases, and the three electrical terminals in each group are distributed in parallel and diagonally downward. The terminal posts of each electric viper are vertically connected to the electric extension wires, and the three electric extension pile lines are parallel to each other. The sealed compartment has a pressure pipe.

    The main technical parameters

    Project Unit Load switch unit Combination electrical unit circuit breaker unit
    Rated voltage THE 12 12 12
    Insulation level 1min power frequency withstand voltage KV 42/48 42/48 42/48
    Lightning impulse withstand voltage 75/85 75/85 75/85
    Rated current A 630/1250 125 630/1250
    Rated transfer current   1700  
    Closed loop breaking current 630    
    Cable charging breaking current 10    
    5% rated active load breaking current 315    
    Ground fault interrupts current 30    
    Breaking current for cable charging during earth fault THE 17.3    
    Rated short circuit breaking current   Note 1 20
    Rated closing capacity 50 Note 1 50
    Rated withstand current 4S 20   20
    Rated peak withstand current 50   50
    Mechanical life (main switch/earth switch)   1000/3000 1000/3000 1000/3000