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    This series of cable branch boxes are suitable for outdoor distribution networks with AC 50Hz, rated voltage 12kV, and electrical incoming and outgoing lines. They are widely used in power distribution in industrial parks, residential areas, commercial centers, mining areas, airports, railways, ports, power stations, etc. network, especially suitable for urban power grid reconstruction projects. have:
     ◆Fully insulated, fully sealed and maintenance-free. Reliable personal safety guarantee.
     ◆Simplify urban cable network system and save investment.
     ◆Outdoor type, dust-proof, moisture-proof, flood-resistant, corrosion-resistant, strong environmental adaptability, flexible combination, incoming and outgoing lines from two to eight, which can meet various wiring requirements.
    ◆Small size, compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple installation and maintenance-free; it also has a live display, can be equipped with a short circuit indicator, and can be equipped with a lightning arrester. It occupies a small area, is low in height, has a beautiful appearance, and can be coordinated with the surrounding environment; the wiring scheme is flexible and diverse, and the installation and operation are extremely convenient.
    ◆The 200A cable head can be plugged and unplugged under load, and also has the function of an isolating switch. A short-circuit fault indicator can be installed to quickly determine the fault location.
     Any combination of load switch or circuit breaker and cable joint can improve the flexibility of line operation, maintenance and inspection, reduce line outage time, and improve power supply reliability. It can replace part of the ring main unit or switching station, reducing the overall cost of the system.

    The main technical parameters

    Name Unit Parameter Remark
    Rated voltage kv 12 It can be configured with load switches, circuit breakers, fuses and other equipment. Please refer to the accessories description for its technical parameters.
    Rated frequency Hz 50
    Rated current A 630
    1min power frequency withstand voltage kv 42
    Lightning impulse withstand voltage kv 75
    Protection level   IP54
    Overall dimensions (length, width and height) mm 650×1150×880~1300×1500×1200