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    DR-XGN-24 box-type AC metal closed ring network switchgear is a new generation of sulfur hexafluoride load switches, which can be configured with circuit breakers, isolating switches, current transformers, voltage transformers, lightning arresters and other electrical components. The entire cabinet is air-insulated and is suitable for power distribution automation. It is a compact and expandable metal-enclosed switchgear. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, simple structure, small size, flexible operation, and reliable interlocking.
    This ring network cabinet is suitable for three-phase AC 50Hz, rated voltage 12kV ring network power supply system, and is widely used in industrial and civil cable ring networks and power supply terminal projects. It is especially suitable for the following places: power distribution in urban residential areas, small secondary substations, switch offices, industrial and mining enterprises, shopping malls, airports, subways, tunnels, wind power generation, etc.

    Product main features

    ◆Increase the main transformer capacity and improve the power supply capacity of the substation.
    ◆Improve the power transmission capacity of distribution lines and reduce the number of distribution lines.
    ◆Increase the power supply radius of medium voltage lines.
    This voltage level was trial run in a small area earlier. At the request of the State Grid Corporation of China, the 20kV voltage level was promoted on a pilot basis in Jiangsu Province. Now China Southern Power Grid is also preparing to promote the 20kV voltage level in Guangdong and other places. It can be predicted that eventually 24kV equipment will Dominate the market.

    The main technical parameters

    Project Unit 20kV SF% ring network switchgear
    Rated voltage kv twenty four
    Rated frequency Hz 50
    Rated current A 630A ≤100 (Load switch-fuse combination cabinet)
    Rated short circuit breaking current kA 31.5
    Rated closing current (peak value) kA 50
    Rated thermal stable current kA/3s 20
    Rated dynamic stable current (peak value) kA 50
    insulation level Power frequency withstand voltage phase and ground sq./1min 65
    Fracture sq./1min 79
    Lightning impulse withstand voltage phase and ground kv 125
    Fracture kv 145
    Rated active load breaking current A 630
    Rated current charging breaking current A 25
    Main circuit resistance 300
    Power function   Spring type: DC/C 220V/480V
    Rated transfer current A 870
    Mechanical life   Load switch: 3000 times; Grounding switch: 2000 times