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DKSC series grounding transformer

Grounding transformers are often used to provide an artificial loadable neutral point for system grounding at ungrounded points in the system. The neutral point of this product is connected to an arc suppression coil or resistor, and then grounded. It can be equipped with a secondary winding of continuous rated capacity as the power supply for the station (station).

    Product Usage

    Power systems of 35kV and below such as substations and user distribution stations.

    Model meaning

    The main technical parameters

    Rated capacity: 100~5500kVA;

    Rated voltage: 35kV and below;

    Insulation heat resistance grade: F grade;

    Standard basis: GB1094.6;

    Ambient temperature: -25~+40℃;

    Relative air humidity: daily average does not exceed 95%, monthly average does not exceed 90%;

    Altitude: below 1000m;

    The ground slope is not greater than 3, and there is a good grounding network;

    Workplace: There is no risk of fire or explosion, no conductive dust, and no severe vibration. Sufficient space should be left for the device to open the door.