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SC(ZB) series dry type transformer


    Product Description

    Resin insulated dry-type transformers are safe, flame retardant, non-polluting and can be installed directly in load centers. Maintenance-free, easy to install, low overall operating cost, low loss, good moisture-proof performance, can operate normally under 100% humidity, and can be put into operation without pre-drying after shutdown. It has low partial discharge, low noise, and strong heat dissipation capability. It can operate at 120% rated load under forced air cooling conditions. Equipped with a complete temperature protection control system, it provides reliable guarantee for the safe operation of the transformer and has high reliability. According to the operation research of more than 10,000 products that have been put into operation, the reliability indicators of the products have reached the international advanced level.


    Low loss, low operating cost, obvious energy saving effect;

    Flame retardant, fireproof, explosion-proof, pollution-free;

    Good moisture-proof performance and strong heat dissipation ability;

    Low partial discharge, low noise, and maintenance-free;

    High mechanical strength, strong short circuit resistance and long life;

    Application Scope

    This product is widely used in high-rise buildings, commercial centers, hospitals, laboratories, schools, theaters, offshore drilling platforms, ships, petrochemical plants, stations, airports, subways, mines, hydrothermal power stations, substations, etc.


    The iron core is made of high-quality oriented cold-rolled silicon steel sheet material, with a 45-degree fully oblique joint structure. The core pillars are bound with insulating tape. The surface of the iron core is sealed with insulating resin paint to prevent moisture and rust. The clamps and fasteners are surface treated to prevent rust. .

    Low voltage foil coil

    For low-voltage and high-current coils, the short-circuit stress when short-circuited is large, and the number of low-voltage turns is small. The larger the low-voltage current, the more prominent the issue of ampere-turn instability when using wirewound type. Heat dissipation issues also need to be considered. At this time, The use of foil windings for low voltage can better solve the above problems. First, foil products do not have axial turns and axial winding helix angles. The ampere turns of high and low voltage windings are balanced. The axial stress of the transformer is small during short circuit. Secondly, due to its insulation It is thin, and it is easy to install multi-layer air ducts in terms of technology, and the heat dissipation problem is also better solved.