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    The material performance of the primary and secondary fusion standardized ring cage box is not inferior to S304 stainless steel or GRC material (glass fiber reinforced cement) and other materials. The shell should have sufficient mechanical strength and should not be deformed or damaged during lifting, transportation and installation. The protection level of the outer box should not be lower than IP43. If the material of the ring cage is metal, the nominal thickness is ≥ 2mm, and the allowable dimensional deviation meets the Class B accuracy requirements of "GB/T 708 Dimensions, Shapes, Weights and Allowable Deviations of Cold-rolled Steel Plate and Steel Strips".
    The metal outer box should be treated with anti-corrosion coating technology. The coating should be uniform and consistent in thickness. The coating should have strong adhesion.


     With the continuous development and progress of society, my country's urban power grid has undergone tremendous changes. Most cities have formed or are forming numerous power load-intensive areas. In the past, the power supply from 12/24kV substation lines [or branch lines] to direct users has been unable to meet the requirements of urban development. As a result, a new power supply method has emerged to supply power to users through switches. However, with the intensification of urban densification, some original civil switchgear has been restricted by land and urban planning. Therefore, a more advanced and practical outdoor high-voltage ring box (standardized) has emerged. This product requires no civil construction and occupies a small area. The configuration is very flexible and the power supply method is more reliable. Construction, installation and debugging time are greatly shortened, and the overall cost is reduced.

     With the development of modern industry, the degree of automation and intelligence of electrical control equipment is getting higher and higher. Modern electronic technology, sensor technology, communication technology, and computer network technology are used to monitor, protect, and monitor power equipment under normal and accident conditions. The integration of control and measurement to achieve good management has become an inevitable trend and development direction.

     The outdoor high-voltage ring box (standardized) adopts and learns from foreign advanced technology, integrating 12/24kV switch cabinet, circuit breaker, load switch, current and voltage transformer, 12/24kv power supply PT, switching station FTU, RTU, communication control Terminal (CCu). 12/24kV metering and automatic meter reading, USP power supply and indicating instruments are installed and debugged into a removable, sealed and moisture-proof stainless steel box, thereby realizing the primary and secondary systems in the urban distribution network. Integration and modular assembly shorten the construction cycle and greatly improve the reliability of urban power grid operation.

    Product main features

    The product adopts gas insulation and can be equipped with primary solutions such as circuit breakers, load switches, and combined electrical appliances. This product is a primary and secondary integration design based on the latest distribution network automation standards, integrating DTU, intelligent sensing, online detection and other intelligent components, and is suitable for various distribution network automation system applications.
    ◆Strong ability to adapt to the environment
    ◇Fully industrial-grade design, the harshness level reaches outdoor level IV
    ◇Good electromagnetic compatibility design, internal testing meets Level IV requirements; ◇Convenient on-site installation and debugging;
    ◇Later maintenance is convenient and low-cost, and remote maintenance is provided. 
    Rich functions and excellent performance
    ◇Multiple communication ports, dual Ethernet, 4 serial ports, support optical fiber, wireless routing communication; 
    ◇Support current popular protocols, GB101, GB104, cDT, MODBUS, etc.; 
    ◇Support communication timing, ≤5S, timing accuracy ≤2S/ sky;
    ◇Supports encryption of State Grid communication data (Document No. 168);
    ◇Control 4-way, 6-way, 8-way switch equipment, isolating switches and grounding switches; 
    ◇Support ambient temperature and humidity monitoring;
    ◇Has harmonic analysis function; supports "three remote" function, analog accuracy reaches 0.2/0.5 level; ◇Has multiple protection functions, short circuit overcurrent, single-phase grounding;
    ◇80-point fault wave recording and fault message uploading;
    ◇Supports multiple voltage/power operating power supplies and battery activation; ◇Supports electromagnetic transformer or electronic transformer access;
     ◆Intelligence:Integrated distribution network automation intelligent terminal can realize distribution network automation, feeder automation and other intelligent distribution network functions.
     ◆Integration:primary and secondary fusion design, primary switching equipment integrates secondary intelligent components, integrated design, convenient integration and operation and maintenance.
     ◆Miniaturization:compact structure, easy to operate, mainly equipped with gas insulated switchgear and solid insulated switchgear equipment produced by our company.
     ◆Diversification:Circuit breakers, load switches, combination appliances and other solutions can be freely combined to meet different needs.

    The main technical parameters

    Name Unit Load switch cabinet combination electrical cabinet
    Rated peak withstand current kA 50/63
    Closed loop breaking current A 630
    Rated cable charging breaking current A 25
    Rated no-load inverter breaking current A 16
    Rated breaking transfer current A 1750
    Fuse short-circuit breaking current (effective value) kA 63
    Earthing switch short-term withstand current/duration kA 25kA/1s
    Rated current breaking times Second-rate ≥200
    Mechanical life Second-rate ≥200o
    SF6 gas annual leakage rate   Not more than 1%
    Rated breaking transfer current A 1750
    Expected short-circuit breaking current of fuse (effective value) kA 63
    Earthing switch short-term withstand current/duration time kA 25kA/1s
    Rated current breaking times Second-rate ≥200
    Mechanical life Second-rate ≥2000
    SF gas annual leak rate   Not more than 1%
    Rated insulation level  1min power frequency withstand voltage (effective value) between fractures kv 48
    alternating kv 42
    relatively kv 42
    Lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak value) between fractures kv 85
    alternating kv 75
    relatively bro 75
    Spring operating mechanism   Manual, can be upgraded to electric
    Operating voltage in DC48V/ AC220V
    External insulation creepage distance mm/sq ≥20
    Different phases of gate opening ms less than 5
    Different timing of closing ms less than 5
    Main circuit resistance  less than 140
    Cabinet shell protection level   IP4x