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33kV On load power transformer

    Features of Products

    SZ11 series 33KV class on-load voltage regulation is a voltage regulation method by which a transformer can change the voltage by changing the tap gear when operating under load.Power electronic component switches have the advantages of frequent switching.no spark and long service life, so they can be used as on-load tap-changer for distribution transformers.


    GB1094.1-2013;GB1094.2-2013;GB1094.3-2013;GB1094.5-2008;GB/T6451-2008;GB/T1094.10-2003;JB/T10088-2004IEC60076;SANS 780 STANDARDS

    Features of Products

    1.Meet or exceeds ANSI.IEC.GB.SANS.Standards

    2.Safe Handling, Installation and operation.

    3.Attractive, modern appearance

    4.Reasonable structure


    6.Higher system reliability

    7.High security and reliability in operation

    8.High capacity of overload and efficiency

    9.Robust construction having excellent short circuit and thermal withstand capabilities

    10.EVERPOWERTransformers are more efficient by Reduced no-load losses and Reduced load losses

    Transformer normal service conditions

    1.The height above the sea level is below 1000m;

    2.Ambient temperature;

    3.Highest air temperature+40°C;

    4.Highest daily average air temperature+30°C;

    5.Highest annual average air temperature+20°C;

    6.Lowest outdoor air temperature-25°C;