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220kV class three-phase on-load


    220kv three-phase oil immersed on-load voltage regulating transformer brings about a series of major transformations in terms of material.technique, and construction. lt is characteristic of compact construction, low weight, high efficiency, low loss, low noise, and reliability of performance.The product can reduce considerable losses on grid andoperational costs and extend distinct economic efficacy.

    The product meets following national standards: GB1094.1-2013 Power transformers Part 1: General; GB1094.2-2013

    Power transformers Part 2. Temperature rise; GB1094.3-2003 Power transformers Part 3: lnsulation levels, dielectric tests and external learancesin air; GB1094.5-2003 Power transformers Part 5: Ability to withstand short-circuit;

    GB/6451-2015 Specification and technical requirements for three phase oil immerse power transformers.