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11kV three phase transformer

    Product Description:

    power grid transmission and distribution station, industry & commerce electrical substation as the electrical equipment of power transmission

    star and:

    GB1094.1-2013;GB1094.2-2013;GB1094.3-2013;GB1094.5-2008;GB/T6451-2008;GB/T 1094.10-2003;JB/T 10088-2004 IEC60076;SABS 780 STANDARDS

    Features of Products:


    2.2.Rated power: 5kva-25000kva

    3,Two windings or three windings

    4,On-load or no-load voltage tapping changer


    6.Vector group: Dyn11,Yyn0, Ynd11, or others

    7.Cooling: ONAN/ ONAF/ OFAF

    8.Tap changer:3 levels; 5 levels; 7 levels; 13 levels; 17 levels

    Service Condition

    1.Suitable for indoor or outdoor application

    2.Air temperature: Maximum temperature: +-40°C; Minimum temperature:-30°C

    a.Humidity: Monthly average humidity 9596; Daily average humidity 90%6 .

    b.Altitude above sea level: Maximum installation altitude: 2000m.

    3.Max wind speed:35M/s

    a.Ambient air not apparently polluted by corrosive and flammable gas, vapor etc.

    b.No frequent violent shake.

    Three phase oil immersed distribution transformer